Where We Use Charge-discharge Inspection Equipment

What is Charge-discharge Inspection Equipment?

Charge-discharge Inspection Equipment

Charge-discharge inspection (test) is a necessary step in the manufacturing process of secondary batteries such as lithium-ion batteries (rechargeable batteries). In this inspection, batteries are repeatedly charged and discharged at a fixed current value, voltage value and temperature. This is one of the most important steps because the quality of lithium-ion batteries will be determined by this. This requires accurate test features and an excellent safety as well as effective energy efficiency. We, SoftEnergy Controls Inc., manufacture advanced charge-discharge inspection equipment based on our original electric control technology.

Why do we need Charge-discharge Inspection Equipment?

  • STEP1 order to store electricity in batteries

    Induce a chemical change during initial charge in order to store electricity in batteries.

  • STEP2 rid of defective batteries

    Find and get rid of defective batteries by controlling the values of current and voltage precisely.

  • STEP3 batteries and sort them based on their ranks

    Check the quality of the produced batteries and sort them based on their ranks.

Charge-discharge inspection equipment can collect, accumulate and analyze the data of the lithium-ion batteries that are installed in the equipment. Each of these batteries consists of two or more electric cells connected in series or parallel. The charge-discharge inspection equipment classifies the cells based on the data analyzed from the inspection. In this way, battery manufacturers can provide their customers with safe and high-performance lithium-ion batteries thanks to the charge-discharge inspection equipment.