Current Sensor UP-200A has just been released

Our current sensor “UP200A” is a highly accurate, compact and low-cost current sensor in the high-current measurement field. This current sensor can measure both AC and DC. This also can be used for:

(UP series: 100A class to 1,000A class)


1. High accuracy and high-speed response

Accuracy: ±0.01% or less
Linearity: ±0.01% or less
Offset current: ±10μA or less
Hysterisis: 1ppm or less
Response speed: 1μsec

2. The smallest size in the 200A class

35mm(H) *35mm(W) *20mm(D) weight:30g

3. Low cost

We've achieved a significant cost reduction by our original technology.

4. Wide measurement range from low current to large current

200A series (±200A), 600A series (±600A)
* Customization range: 600A to 1,000A

Below current sensors will be released soon.

5. Lineup for EV products

UP-200A current sensors for EV battery packs are in our lineup.
*Operating temperature: from -30℃ to 80℃


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