Real Cycler has just been released

1. Real Cycler Summary

Real Cycler is the name of our cycle testers. They can be used for charge-discharge tests for any kinds of batteries from single cells, modules to packs. We use high-speed and high-frequency switching power supplies for Real Cycler. Therefore, stable, efficient and quality outputs are possible. In addition, with optional accessories, Real Cycler works as charge-discharge evaluation equipment, which can measure the ripple current superposition, pulse outputs and dynamic AC/IR.
Moreover, Real Cycler tests “utility interaction” by functioning as an integral system for distributed generators such as solar generators, wind generators and fuel batteries.Ultimately, thanks to Real Cycler, you will be able to establish the simulation system through communication between Real Cycler and load equipment or batteries.

2. Features

Innovatively Compact
W: 478mm H: 176mm D: 680mm (5V60A10ch 6KVA unit)
Multi-channel and Multi-slot System
Compared to our conventional power supplies, Real Cycler needs only 1/2 space for its power supply, yet mounts twice the number of channels.
Excellent Control Function: Accuracy ±0.05% *HF type
Sine-wave PWM control using a bidirectional PFC circuit.
Efficient AC regeneration / Current rise and fall characteristics within 3msec / 0V discharge function
Various Options
Ripple current superposition units / Pulse output units / Dynamic AC/IR units

3. Main Application


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